101 Waves

Dear Readers,

Wowzers! It has been capital “F” Forever since I’ve posted! I have been in such a bad habit of giving you story remnants on a shiny silver platter and then quick snatching them back. I realized just the other day that I started to post Never Never and then forgot to give you the rest! If you’re interested in finishing that story, I will put the link to it on Google Drive at the end of this post.. I’m too lazy to hit copy and paste =D

Just yesterday, I was with one of my dearest friends, Lydia (you should TOTALLY check out her blog! I will also put this link below.), and we were wondering what to do. We always have that difficulty. I’ll get to her house and she’ll ask me what I want to do.

Lydia: So.

Abigail: So.

Lydia: What do you want to do?

Abigail: I dunno, what do you want to do?

Lydia: I don’t care.

Abigail: Me neither.

Lydia: You decide.

Abigail: I decide that you decide.

And so on, and so forth. Well, yesterday we decided, with her cousin Elinore, to have a snack. We went out on their front porch. It was a beautiful day, 62 degrees in the middle of January, and we sat there, nibbling on our graham crackers and apples. They live near downtown Holland, so lots of cars pass by and before long, we were waving at the cars. Snacks forgotten, we waved and waved for multiple half hours. Soon we had gotten to ten waves. We took a break from waving, but later on, we started back up again. We pretended each person was a celebrity and we were asking for their autograph. The more enthusiastically we waved, the more people waved back.

The porch wasn’t good enough for us. We wanted to make more people’s days, but we were too far back for people to see. So we went to the side of the road, on the side walk, taking turns sitting on the swing on their small tree in the front yard.

Fifteen minutes later, we had quadroupled the amount of waves we had received in return.

Thirty minutes- sixty waves. The number just got bigger and bigger!

By the time my mom came to pick me up, we had gotten 101 waves. That’s 101 people who we made smile. 101 people who had there day made by a small wave by two random girls on the side of the street. We felt fantastic!

While we waved, we observed the different types of waves and the kinds of people that didn’t bother to wave.

Middle aged women- they were either smoking or had there nose in their phone, although some did wave back.

People with passengers- we tended to get a wave from both. This proves that people are kinder and better when they are around their friends.

Kids- eh. One wave. Maybe two? Typical teenage drivers didn’t really bother to wave back.

Older people- They are so sweet! There’s the old man “how-dee-do” and the little, old, lady hand flap.

One of our favorite waves was when a sweet old lady in an old car who leaned out the window until she looked like she was going to fall out, and flapped her hand at us with a huge smile across her face! It was so sweet! Another one I liked was when a younger person, the type that don’t usually wave back, waved enthusiastically from her car.

The funniest wave award was when a car came rolling by and the driver waved while his wife applied mascara. It got Lydia and I laughing so hard that we missed three or four cars!

And the award for lamest wave goes to… a teenager who drove past without even smiling, upon second thought, flopped his arm out the window. I almost missed that one.

This brings me back to a school theme a few years back when I lived in Pittsburgh. I think we also touched on this in fifth grade, but it’s something that people need to talk about more. Random Acts of Kindness. We were encouraged to do something little for someone else each day. It could be as easy as smiling, and as big as leaving some one and note and some candy in their locker. In the end, it’s the little things we remember. We don’t remember the huge dinosaur stuffed animal we got for Christmas and got left in the closet, collecting dust for all eternity, but we do remember the sticky note on the camp mirror telling us that “You are unique!”

So I encourage you to go outside the next time it’s warm enough, and wave. See how many people you can get to wave back. Maybe shout “hello” to the passing car. I swear, it will make someone’s day just a little brighter.

If you are looking for a FANTASTIC blog similar to mine but 10 times better, check out https://lidzer.wordpress.com/!

The link to the rest of Never Never is https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LZl4lfZ34N5Zq0zjk3lGulEZDsQS8lJ9qMkuzGjIuu8/edit. I apologize if this is an inconvenience and I will try to remember to post it later, but I can’t promise I will remember!

And that’s a wrap for this week folks! Stay tuned with the blog because I’m planning on adding yet another story and dabbling in poetry!


Abigail June



5 thoughts on “101 Waves

  1. Attention Never Never readers! I have been getting emails that the link does not work. It was a problem on the Google Drive end, so I’m pretty sure I fixed it now so feel free to read! It is 26 pages so make sure you have lots of time or read it in chunks! =)


  2. Abigail, this is so, so great!! You did an awesome job on describing all the waves!!
    Again, thank you SO MUCH for coming over and waving with me!!!! Saturday was the funnest day of my week!!!
    Hugs, Lidzer


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