The Valley

This was a poetry cold write from last year… tell me what you think!

Once there was a valley in a far away place

It was a bright green valley full of beauty and grace.

A river twisted through it like a thin, shiny snake

Some people might look on it and call it a fake.

A merchant came along to see if he could find

something to sell more beautiful than a watermelon rind.

He travelled day and night till he came to this place.

The bright green luscious valley full of beauty and grace.

The birds were singing sweetly and the grass was wet with dew.

Appreciation for this valley in the merchant’s heart grew.

He found a little patch tucked far away

He found a plant that could make him rich in only a day.

No one knew what this plant was when he brought it home,

All the merchant knew was that the valley he must roam.

He hopped upon his ship and steered her to the same place

where he found the bright green valley full of beauty and grace.

But as he was a’ sailing he came across a beach

Where little did he know that would him a lesson teach.

As soon as he set foot on that pretty sandy shore

The ground opened up and swallowed him like a sandy door!

He fell and fell and fell until he came to a stop

he stood up but his legs were shaky from his long drop.

He stood up very cautiously to see if he could see

a drop of light in the distance to which he’d proceed.

But alas, he could not wander for he fell to the ground

as he was emptied of all hope that he might be found.

He thought of all that he would miss if he were to die,

he thought, “Perhaps it may do me good to try,

To get out of this darkened room and find that one place,

With the bright green valley full of beauty and grace.”

So our merchant fellow did all that he could do

to see if he could find away out of the cavern but grew

So hungry, so thin

That even he himself thought he’d blow away in the wind!

“Wind!” he thought filled with hope

And sure enough, there was a slope!

He climbed and climbed for hours on end

But along the way he thought of his friend

Who would tell him “Keep going, you’re almost there!”

And thought if he did quit that he plain wouldn’t care!

So he sat down promptly and began to think of that place,

That bright green valley full of beauty and grace.

He fell asleep there to stay forever more,

But while he slept above him came a door.

A man fell through the door holding that one exotic plant

And screaming to heaven that help God would grant.

And surely you must know from where he came

For really it believes that life is just a big game.

That merchant came from a far away place.

A bright green lovely valley full of beauty and grace.


2 thoughts on “The Valley

  1. Yes, I suppose the point of the poem was what you suggested. It was a cold write for school last year, so it’s not really developed that much… I just wanted to post a bit more poetry since I’ve been really into that lately! Thank you for your feedback-Abigail June


  2. A great poem! I was carried away by the action as the poem moved along. I didn’t quite understand what happened in the last few lines. Was the door heaven and the person with the exotic plant an angel? And is the point of the poem that we shouldn’t be greedy and just learn to enjoy our own lovely green valley that each of us have?

    Thanks for sharing!


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