Rainy Day Writing


Today I was sitting down and decided to write a story that had come to me on a recent walk. It was thunderstorming as I wrote this and maybe electricity waves from the lightning got to my brain because this is kind of crazy, but I like it. ūüôā

Juliet’s platter of pickled potatoes smelled¬†furiously as she walked briskly to Mrs. Inglethorp’s private quarters. She rang the bell next to the door and called out,

“Food tray servant!” as Mrs. Fatalina, the head cook, had told her to. The door swung open and behind it stood a woman with fiery red hair that curled and frizzed in a way that hair shouldn’t be able to do. Behind her Mr. Igglethorp reclined on a bed eating blueberry flavored potatoe chips.

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†“Come in deary!” Mrs. Igglethorp chimed, popping Juliet on the nose.¬†

“Your Ladyship, I have brought the potatoes as requested-” the platter clanged to the ground which was layden with a new orientle rug. Juliet’s mouth dropped open and her eyes filled with tears. She had only been here for a week and she had already messed up.¬†

“Oh don’t worry about that silly old carpet! We’re getting a new one tomorrow anyway, aren’t we Georgie dear?” Mrs. Igglethorp smiled brightly as she turned to her husband who nodded absently, his eyes still fixed on the T.V. screen in front of him.

“Hola amigos! I’m Dora!”¬†the T.V. shouted.

“Oh and honey buns! Don’t call me ‘your Ladyship’! It makes me sound far too old! I’m Ceillia-poo and that’s,” she turned to her husband, “Georgie!” Juliet’s mouth dropped open once again.¬†

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†“Ceillia-poo and Georgie!” muttered Mr. Igglethorp. They had just gotten that orientle rug a few days ago and now they were buying a new one?! Ceillia-poo and Georgie?! What had Juliet gotten herself into?

Thank you for reading the most recent section of my interesting story. Each time I get a new little bit done I will post it. Let me know if you have any suggestions for the title or for the book itself. Thanks!

Happy Writing!

Abigail June


Catch Up Day – Savvy and Listen

Hi! (Again:))

Today must be Catch Up Day because I have already posted on the Shadow Children Series but here I am posting on two more books! I was checking my Summer 2015 Books I’ve Read page and I forgot to post on the books Savvy and Listen.

Savvy is a very good fantasy book about a girl named Mississippi Beumont whose family gets a savvy, or special talent, when they turn thirteen. This is a special occasion that Mibs is looking forward to until her father gets in a terrible accident. She is so sure that her savvy will help her father wake up from his coma that she boards a rickety bus in secret along with her family and friends and heads off to Salina Hope Hospital where her father, mother and older brother are. Along the way Mibs discovers many things about the people she meets and she learns how to cope with being a teenager. This is an excellent book by Ingrid Law that just warms anyone’s heart!

Listen is another book that is to die for! It is a book by Stephanie S. Tolan about a girl named Charley who thinks she has lost everything. Her mother died in a terrible plane crash and her leg was shattered in a tragic one-car-one-tree accident. Her father is so involved in his work that she thinks he doesn’t care about her and she has no friends since her best friend is gone for the summer with some other girl. Charley is just angry but when a dog she names Coyote comes around she begins the Taming. Her leg begins to heal and she makes new friends. She realizes that her father really does love her. This story is about a girl who learns to make do with what she’s got and who learns that she doesn’t have to hide her memories.

That’s about all for Catch Up Day!

Happy Reading!

Abigail June

Shadow Children Series

Hi there!

Today I want to give a shout out to my friend Hannah for doing me a huge favor and saying to me on the way to ballet, “You should totally read these Abigail! They are so good!” I took her advise and I have already finished 5 books in the seven-book series. That took me three days. They are amazing! That’s all I can say.

The Shadow Children series is a futuristic series, but don’t let that frighten you off. These books are page turners if I ever read one! There were famines once and the Government wanted to fix it. Not enough food meant to them that they must have too many people. So the Population Police are born. Now third children must hide from the Popultation Police. If you are the third child in your family, you are illegal and will be killed by the Population Police. This book is not for the faint of heart. Innocent children’s lives are in danger and the only way to help is to hide even more by getting a fake I.D. But some children stand up. Some adults even realize this is wrong. This thrilling saga makes you hold your breathe to find out what happens. Will shadow children be free and out of harm’s way or will the Government continue to harass the peace?

Excellent, excellent series they is a must-read (though I understand if it’s not your type;)) First book in the series is called Among the Hidden, then Among the Imposters, Among the Barons, Among the Brave (this is as far as I’ve read), Among the Enemy, and Among the Free. So good! Thanks again Hannah and thank you Margaret Peterson Haddix for writing these outstanding stories!

Happy Reading!

Abigail June