All Four Stars

Hi there,

I apologize for the delay in posting recently, the cause being books. I have been reading a ton recently and would like to share with you one of the books I have read. All Four Stars was suggested to me by Claire and so I read it.

All Four Stars is a wonderful tale about a girl who loves to bake, but has fast food loving parents that use the microwave for everything! One day Gladys’ new teacher tells them that they have to write an essay about what they want to be when they grow up. The winning entry will be put in the New York Standard for all to see! But Gladys is forbidden to bake or write about baking! Instead she pretends to want to be a vet, but her teacher catches on. Encouraged to write about her true passion, Gladys writes a fantastic professional letter about baking. Somehow, the letter gets switched and is taken to be a job application. Before she knows it Gladys is the new food critic for the New York Standard. Can she get into the city to do her dream job or will she fail and be devastated for life?

I loved this book and I am sure you will love it too if you read it! Don’t forget to check out all the other books I have read this summer on the tab that says “Summer 2015 Books I’ve Read”!

Thanks for reading!

Abigail June



Hello Readers!

Today has been a lovely hot (humid) summer day. It, in fact, was so hot that I stayed indoors half the day. In this time I finished an excellent book called Drizzle recommended to me by two dear friends, Claire and Sarah. If you two are reading this, thank you so much for getting me hooked on Kathleen Van Cleve!!!!

This extrodinary book is about a girl named Polly Peabody that lives on a magical farm with talking and spelling bugs and rhubarb that grows to be the size of trees or tastes like chocolate. All is happy and shy Polly even makes a human friend named Basford. But one day the mist that came when her grandmom died came back. Soon after, the rain that comes every Monday at 1:00 stops! Word comes that a distant relative wants to buy the Peabody rhubarb farm and Polly feels like her world is ending. Her father stops getting funds from different companies and Polly gets in a fight with her best friend Harry the rhubarb plant and kills him. To add to her misery, her brother gets a deadly illness and is about to die. Can Polly save her farm, her brother, and everything she has ever known? Read this amazing book to find out! I would definitely recommend this to someone of any age as a mystery of magic, friendship, loyalty and much more!

Have a great summer!

Abigail June

My Tree Fort


I was at a writing workshop with my friend, Claire (she has a blog called booksandsmore.wordpress. It is very lovely), taught by Hope Colledge Proffesor Pam. It was wonderful and one of the pieces I wrote was called Tree Fort.

The wind blows and the thick tree limbs above creak. The grass below waves as if dancing to an unheard tune. The sunlight glows through the luscious green leaves above my head. The thin white clouds gently drift across the brilliant blue sky that shines brightly in the sun’s warm glow. Tiny black ants crawl in between the cracks of the boards that make up the floor of this solid fortress. Birds sing to each other in a language unknown to humans. The thick wooden ladder groans as I clamber down it. When my feet hit the soft green grass I am filled with a satisfaction that words cannot express.

With all my writing please comment below to tell me how I did and what could be better!

Happy Writing,

Abigail June



Today I felt inspired by a movie I watch that is also a book series my L.M. Montgomery. It is called Emily of New Moon and even though I haven’t read the book series, (I have the whole series and I have been meaning to do that) the movie is AMAZING!!!!

So this story is called Memories. Thanks to my friend, Smiley Hannah, for giving me the awesome name of Analise.

A drafty wind blew through the attic, sending a chill through the air. Analise shivered and turned to the door. “No use staying here,” she thought. Analise had originally ventured into the forbidden attic to look for a sign of her mother who had died years ago, but had lived here as a child. Analise winced as the rusty, old doorknob squeeked in protest when she turned it. She stepped out into the dimly lit hallway and peered around the corner. She took a deep breathe and stepped out into the main corridor. Now certain that nobody had seen her, she skipped out onto the balcony that surrounded her fathers house. The white marble shone in the dimming sunlight. It was he house’s most famous treasure, but Analise loved it because its view stretched out across their whole property. The tall pines and the glistening lake. The tops of the trees swayed as if dancing to greet Analise. She sighed and closed her eyes to feel the gentle breeze from of the lake. She could just imagine her mother as a child on this very spot, playing with her China doll that Analise had inherited. Her father’s call broke her thoughts and she hurried down the stairs to eat her dinner.

Happy Reading or Writing,

Abigail June

Counting by 7s


Thank you so much for reading my blog! This summer I will be going to the public library near where I live each week to borrow a book. Whenever I finish a book I will try my very hardest to record it on my blog, but we all know how that goes sometimes:)

The first book that I have read this summer is Counting by 7s by Holly Goldberg Sloan. This is a fantabulous story of a girl and how she survives an epic tragedy.

Willow Chance is very different and because of this she has no friends. At least, not until she meets the brave, smart mouthed high schooler, Mai Nguyen and the shy, overweight school counselor, Dell Duke. When they arrive at Willow’s home to drop her off from the ice cream shop, the police in the driveway explain that Willow’s parents died in a fatal car crash. Willow thinks her world is over and she stops doing what she loves most, but Dell, Mai, the Nguyen family, and a taxi driver named Jairo help her to start counting by sevens again.

This is a beautiful story that I would recommend to any person, young or old, that is looking for a good book!

Happy Reading,

Abigail June