Never Never Part IV

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School’s out!!! This summer, I am doing my books I’ve read so check out the new tab next to last year’s! Well, let’s get to Never Never! I really hope you love this next section because, well, you’ll find out soon enough! So ladies and gentlemen, I present to you… Never Never Part IV!!! (Oh and by the way, you might need to back track a little. This part starts rather abruptly)

“Well! I’ve often seen a cat without a grin; but a grin without a cat! It’s the most curious thing I’ve ever seen in my life!” And then I launched into some long song about cats. When I was done, Everyone applauded me politely. Then Rose went. Then a bunch of other people.

            “Well now! That was very good! Sorry I jumped you in so quickly but the more time to practice, the better! Lists of who got what will be announced tomorrow. Class dismissed!”

            I waited a whole 24 hours until that list came out. I dashed out of the bus and ran to the bulletin board outside Mr. Calahensky’s auditorium. There was the list. It read:

Hare- Rose Chi

Mad Hatter- Ty Rendall

Chesire Cat- Lilly Van Alder

Flowers- Emily Brace, Julia Emerson, and Hannah Chat

Queen of Hearts- Tanya Smith

Cards- Ty Rendall, John Alberstein, and Frank Fellwood

King- Lilly Van Alder

Alice- Thalia Brown

            I nearly screamed! Rose was the Hare! I was Alice! I’d done it! I was a girl! I skipped all the way to Botany. Rose met me on the way and I told her our exciting news. When we got to Botany, Nolan asked us what was so exciting.

            “Thalia got Alice! She’s going to be Alice in the play!” Rose flung her arms around me and we jumped up and down, squealing. I had always wanted this moment. The moment where you are being absolutely immature with your best friend. The moment I had seen for years with Natalie and had always envied. But now it was mine and I was going to cherish it.

            I came home from school on bus 2206 and found an empty house. Or I thought it was empty until I heard sobs coming from mom and dad’s room. I opened the door and peeked in. Natalie and mom were both red faced and their eyes were swollen from crying. White tear streaks streamed down from their eyes. How was Natalie already home? True, she wasn’t on the bus, but still. She could have gone home with one of her friends.

            “What happened?” I asked when nobody looked up.

            “Dad-dad got into a car accident. He was dr-driving home from work and-” Natalie started sobbing again.

            “Tell me the truth!” I yelled. “Don’t lie about dad! What’s wrong!” Mom stood up. She towered over me. I felt a chill go down the back of my neck all the way down to my toes. I understood. “Is he- is he dead?” I whispered. Natalie shook her head.

            “Worse. Much worse. He’s paralyzed. Forever. No more piggy back rides or being pushed on the swing. And his life expectancy shortened to 10 years from now,” Natalie said, rocking back and forth, her purple streak in her long blonde hair was plastered to her face.

            “How come Natalie got to come home early? How come you didn’t take me out of school? How come Nat’s always so much better that Thalia? Dad would pull me out if you were hurt. Why can’t you like me too?” I yelled as I rushed out of the room. Big fat baby tears rolled down my freckled cheeks. Why today? Why now? I locked my door and threw myself onto my bed. Why did Natalie have to be so much older, so much better? Why didn’t mom pull me out of school? So much for me being a part of the family too. I never would be. Not really. And dad would never get better. Nothing good would ever happen.

            And so I decided to live with Rose.

            I was up all night emailing her. At first she disagreed with me. She thought I should “work it out with my family”. I told her my family wouldn’t even listen and I may or may not have told her that my family probably wouldn’t feed me supper tonight. Hey. sometimes you gotta stretch the truth to get what you need. DING! Another email from Rose.




Re: living with you

What about my brother? He’ll find out and tell your sister. And I can’t keep you hidden. Our butler and cleaning service would find you hiding under my bed! And then they’d quit because they think that you’re some murderer or something.




            I sighed. Rose did have a point. But we’d have to figure something out. I couldn’t live another day in that house with those terrible people.




Re: living with you

I can’t stand another day here! You can take me home from school on Monday and then I’ll just hide or something. Please Rose! I don’t have any other friends that I can go to their houses. Nolan’s sister and my sister are best friends so unless we get them not best friends it will never work. We could try to get them to be enemies so his sister would want to hid me but that would be really hard.




            It would serve Natalie right for all the mean things she ever did to me to make her have no best friend. Natalie didn’t even have another friend, despite what she tries to tell everyone. Sam just always tells everyone to be nice to her because everyone likes Sam and Sam likes Natalie. DING! I glanced down at my school laptop.




Re: living with you

We could try that, but wouldn’t that be mean? I understand you can’t live your family but I still think you should talk it out. Maybe you can… Make Sam and Natalie enemies and then you leave your mom and sister a note saying something like: I couldn’t live with you… I’ve gone some place better… if you try to find me, I’ll never come back or speak to you again… I won’t speak to you again anyway. Blah blah blah.




            Yes! Finally a plan that would work! I got out a pen and paper and began my letter. I didn’t get to bed until 10:00 that night but when I had, my letter was complete. Tomorrow I would live a day with no Natalie, with no mom, and with no shadowyness. Other than I’d have to hide from Sam’s parents. I sent Nolan and Rose a copy of the letter. To Nolan I explained more.




Re: living with you

Rose: here’s my letter.

Dear Natalie and Mom, sorry I’m gone. Sorry I can’t live with you. Sorry you can’t be a true family. I couldn’t live another day more of slinking into the corner and being a shadow. I want to show off my true sparkle and I can’t do that living with you. I’ve gone some place better. Don’t try to find me. If you do, I’ll never speak to you again. I’ll never speak to you again anyway. Natalie, don’t come to the middle school. I’ll be there, but kidnapping is against the law. I’m sorry about the way stuff turned out.


Thalia Brown

Nolan: explanatory

I’m going to make Sam and Natalie enemies and then I’m going to go home with you and you and Sam are going to hide me because I can’t live with mom and Natalie anymore. No buts. It’s already planned.

Love from,



            I got a great big string of emails from Nolan saying how it’s not enough time yaddi yadda, blah blah blah. I didn’t answer. I packed my stuff into my backpack and went to bed.


            With Monday morning finally at our doorstep I woke up feeling refreshed and excited. Except I didn’t have a plan to make Natalie and Sam enemies. Do I do it by text or by words. Text probably. I glanced at the clock. 4:58. I had just enough time to nab Natalie’s phone and send Sam a great big long text about how bad she is. 5:00. I tip-toed to Natalie’s room. Her phone was charging on her dresser next to her door. I turned down the volume all the way and got to work.


Sam, I am sick and tired of you. You’re sick. I want to be by myself but you’re always imposing on my private space. You’re

            I tried to think of something Natalie would say. It popped into my head.

You’re just as bad, if not worse, as my bratty little sister. I don’t want to be your friend anymore. I wish you didn’t ever see me again. To bad we go to the same school. And don’t talk to me about this.

No love from,


            I surveyed my work. Harsh but very able to get the two girls to be enemies. I hoped. Before I returned the phone to it’s charging station I double clicked the text and selected HIDE MESSAGE. Now Natalie would never know why Sam hated her all of a sudden.

Sorry it’s so long! I really thought this part needed to go together. Please, please, please comment and tell me what you thought! Well, ta ta for now!

Love from,

Abigail June



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