Part III of Never Never

Hello again,

This is the second post for today because I am trying to make up for not posting more of Never Never in a LONG time! Well, here it is! Part III!

When we finally reached room 62B, I was hit with a blast of excitement. The teacher was sitting in her desk grading papers but when the boy and I stepped in, the teacher lept to her feet and rang a bell.

“No!” I muttered. The boy looked at me. I shook my head. This must be the secret language that authors write about.

“Class!” The teacher’s voice was not harsh and she was younger than I thought. Her name tag read MS. EMILY BENTLEY. “Guys, quiet!” the class hushed with only one stray giggle. “Okay, so this is Thalia. She’s new so be nice everybody. If I find bullies, lunch detention.” The class nodded. “So Thalia do you want to, like, tell us about yourself?” I was still stunned that she said my name right but I nodded jerkily.

“Um, I’ve been homeschooled my whole life, I’m afraid of dogs, I like to read, and, well, I live in Lower Uptown.” Ms. Emily Bentley smiled.

“Cool! Well, today we’re starting with geometry. If you get confused, Thalia, just raise your hand and we’ll go over it together.”

Math and Science came and went. They were amazing. Break finally arrived and I found the boy sitting on a bench all by himself. I walked over. Be bold, be brave. I sat next to him and took out my book.

“Hey.” he looked up.

“Hey.” I answered, kinda rudely since my nose was still stuck in my book.

“Whatcha readin’” I flipped the cover toward him. He nodded, “I’m Nolan, by the way. Nolan Rider. I nodded and opened my mouth to say my name but then remembered that he already knew it. “Hey!” I swear, that boy startled me so much that if I were a dog I would have had a heart attack and died. I took a deep breath. “Sorry, but we get to sign up for electives today. You want to come with me and sign up? It’ll be super fun!” He ran off and I surprised myself by following.



Movie Making

I had a whole list of electives I was taking. Nolan was doing Movie Making and Botany, too but he didn’t feel like signing up for Drama. I looked at the list of people who did and nearly choked when I saw handwriting that clearly said “Rose Chi”. I added my name next to hers. “Thalia Brown”. I scanned the rest of the list. Nolan should have signed up. There were only 3 boys. What if we did some sort of army thing? You can’t have just three guys in the army and I did NOT want to be stuck being a boy. I’d had that in past drama clubs so much that one old lady who always came to the plays told me that she thought I was a very nice young man. At least I had until Monday to start the electives. I could catch up on my iMovie skills and practice my voices.

2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th period breezed by. Soon it was lunch and I nearly threw up when Nolan told me that the high school kids got to come and eat with their siblings today.

“WHAT?!” I sputtered. “No way! I’ll die before I eat lunch with Natalie!” But it was too late. Natalie had already arrived looking just as grumpy as me. Next to her was a girl with the same blue eyes as Nolan and so I assumed they were related. I grabbed Nolan’s arm and tugged him next to me. “My sister won’t be mean to me in front of her friends,” I whispered. He nodded in acknowledgement. Natalie sat across from me and the girl with blue eyes hugged Nolan and sat across from him. I narrowed my eyes at Natalie and she cocked her head and smirked. But then I felt someone else slip next to me. They slid their hand in mine. My sister was gaping at me and so was Nolan’s sister.

It was Rose.

“Hey Thalia! My brother’s coming, too. Oh there he is!” She stood up and waved. So did Natalie and her friend. A boy with dark chocolate colored hair and bright black almond eyes was walking towards us.

“Hey Rose! Natalie, Sam,” he nodded at us one by one. “You must be Benji’s little hero! I’m Jordan. And you’re Nolan, right?” Nolan and I nodded. I was probably blushing.

“Thalia, I didn’t know you saved Benji! That’s so cool that you get to be friends with the richest and nicest people ever!” She shone what she probably thought was a dazzling smile at Jordan who backed away ever so slightly. He sat next to Rose. Everyone finished their lunch in silence before the high schoolers left and Rose, Nolan, and, I were left alone.


The next three days soared by on wings like a doves. Peaceful, pure, amazing. I made friends: Nolan, Rose, Jordan, even Sam. In technology class, I also met a deaf girl named Sasha. She was even teaching me sign language with the help of Nolan and Rose. Monday finally arrived and the first class I had was Drama. Rose and I walked to Mr. Calahensky’s classroom and we talked about what we had done over the weekend. It turns out, we both LOVE the books “The Thickety” and “Charlotte’s Web.” When we opened the door, before us was a huge auditorium. I looked at Rose.

“This is awesome! I thought it would be like a classroom with desks!” Rose shook her head. We climbed down and took first row seats. They were the kind in movie theaters that pop up when you stand and they were amazingly comfortable. A man swept into the room wearing a purple cape.

“Good morning!” He boomed. “I am King Henry the III and today we will be conquering auditions!” He brought his cape up to his face and his voice changed. “I am Dracula and I vant you to know what not to be afraid of when auditioning,” the class giggled as he stuck out his incisors. He straightened up. “I will call on someone randomly after you practice the part I hand to you. We will be doing a play next month called Alice in Wonderland.” Rose and I went off to practice. Rose pretended to be the hare.

“I’m late, I’m late, oh deary me, I’m late!” I giggled and then pretended to be Alice.

“It would be so nice if things began to make sense for a change,” I burst out laughing but Rose was looking at me open mouthed. “Cents for a change?” I giggled, my face still red.

“That was really good,” she said. I shrugged.

“Alright kiddos, come back down and audition!” Mr. Calahensky bellowed.

“He certainly jumped right into things, didn’t he?” Rose asked.

“Mmmhmmm. That’s for sure.” We took our seats.

“First up: Thalia Brown!” I choked on my own saliva. He must have gotten names mixed up. But Rose was already pushing me up. I stepped on stage.

That’s it for today, folks! Have a great week!


Abigail June

P.S. Are X’s hugs? I think so because you cross your arms when you are giving someone a hug…right?


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