Dear Readers,

I have a really terrible habit of not blogging enough.

We are having some really awful spring weather considering it is the last day of April. Last year around this time it was shorts and t-shirt weather and I am actually going to school wearing jeans and sometimes sweaters. That is not fun when you are looking forward to Tulip Time’s bright, sunny, warm weather. Why?! I just want a bit of sunshine!

Well, this post I have some pretty big announcements! I wrote this story that is super long and I really want to share it with you guys. Problem is, it’s about 23 pages and I have a feeling that WordPress won’t let me put that many words onto one document so we are starting a series! Every week (I will try really hard to make it every week not every year) I will post a little bit more of the story. The story is called Never Never and I really hope you like it! This will be a short post since I am going to make another post today of Never Never.

Other big announcement! My parents and I have been thinking this over for a while and we finally made the decision to homeschool for 7th and 8th grade! Homeschooling has always been one of my mom’s biggest dreams and I think it would be super fun to try it out!

So that is all! Told ya this would be a short one! Don’t forget to check out Never Never Part I and tell me what you think about it in the comments section! Thanks and goodbye!

Yours most truly,

Abigail June



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