Just popping in to say hello!

Hello everybody!

I’m starting out not really knowing what to talk about, but I’m sure I’ll find something!

I’ve been busy this week sewing, something that I’m going to try to do more of in this new year. I’m hoping to learn how to sew clothes (preferably wearable clothes), an ambition started by watching a garment sewing competition called the Great British Sewing Bee (this can be found on the Britopia Facebook page).

Anyway, I’ve been making pillow cases to kick-start my  new-found sewing aspiration. I’m making them as Christmas presents, birth day presents and just little gifts and I’m thrilled with the way they’ve turned out (the one below is mine)!Photo on 12-27-15 at 3.15 PM

I got the pattern from http://www.danamadeit.com/2008/07/tutorial-conkerr-cancer-pillowcases.html and it was really easy to follow, especially with my mom’s help!

Since I seem to be on the topic of New Year’s resolutions, I will talk some more about them! Along with sewing, I want to get into a good devotion. Though unlike sewing, I don’t know where to start. It seems like I’ve tried everything! One thing is working, though I’m not sure it can continue. My friend Claire (her blog is clairevanduinenbooksandsmore.wordpress.com) lent me the book 365 Devotions for Girls by Denise Axelson and I really like it. The devotions are short but really relevant. They are nice to do while eating breakfast or an after school snack. But I’ve had it for about 6 months and I should probably give it back:) If you have any suggestions of good devotion, PLEASE let me know!Photo on 12-27-15 at 3.35 PM

The New Year is going to be so amazing. I’ll finish 6th grade (hopefully with some pretty good grades) and over the summer I’ll go to some camps including Camp Hayowentha in Traverse City, MI. It’s a camp for girls who want to get better at riding horses, which is me. In 7th grade, I’ll be starting PATH at Hope College where I can go to get some enriched curriculum. I’m going to keep doing dance at Turning Pointe School of Dance (and hopefully get more flexible!). And I just can’t wait to get blogging some more to let you know about what I’m reading, writing, and doing on this roller coaster of life!

Yours Truly,

Abigail June



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