All Four Stars

Hi there,

I apologize for the delay in posting recently, the cause being books. I have been reading a ton recently and would like to share with you one of the books I have read. All Four Stars was suggested to me by Claire and so I read it.

All Four Stars is a wonderful tale about a girl who loves to bake, but has fast food loving parents that use the microwave for everything! One day Gladys’ new teacher tells them that they have to write an essay about what they want to be when they grow up. The winning entry will be put in the New York Standard for all to see! But Gladys is forbidden to bake or write about baking! Instead she pretends to want to be a vet, but her teacher catches on. Encouraged to write about her true passion, Gladys writes a fantastic professional letter about baking. Somehow, the letter gets switched and is taken to be a job application. Before she knows it Gladys is the new food critic for the New York Standard. Can she get into the city to do her dream job or will she fail and be devastated for life?

I loved this book and I am sure you will love it too if you read it! Don’t forget to check out all the other books I have read this summer on the tab that says “Summer 2015 Books I’ve Read”!

Thanks for reading!

Abigail June


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