Hello Readers!

Today has been a lovely hot (humid) summer day. It, in fact, was so hot that I stayed indoors half the day. In this time I finished an excellent book called Drizzle recommended to me by two dear friends, Claire and Sarah. If you two are reading this, thank you so much for getting me hooked on Kathleen Van Cleve!!!!

This extrodinary book is about a girl named Polly Peabody that lives on a magical farm with talking and spelling bugs and rhubarb that grows to be the size of trees or tastes like chocolate. All is happy and shy Polly even makes a human friend named Basford. But one day the mist that came when her grandmom died came back. Soon after, the rain that comes every Monday at 1:00 stops! Word comes that a distant relative wants to buy the Peabody rhubarb farm and Polly feels like her world is ending. Her father stops getting funds from different companies and Polly gets in a fight with her best friend Harry the rhubarb plant and kills him. To add to her misery, her brother gets a deadly illness and is about to die. Can Polly save her farm, her brother, and everything she has ever known? Read this amazing book to find out! I would definitely recommend this to someone of any age as a mystery of magic, friendship, loyalty and much more!

Have a great summer!

Abigail June


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