My Tree Fort


I was at a writing workshop with my friend, Claire (she has a blog called booksandsmore.wordpress. It is very lovely), taught by Hope Colledge Proffesor Pam. It was wonderful and one of the pieces I wrote was called Tree Fort.

The wind blows and the thick tree limbs above creak. The grass below waves as if dancing to an unheard tune. The sunlight glows through the luscious green leaves above my head. The thin white clouds gently drift across the brilliant blue sky that shines brightly in the sun’s warm glow. Tiny black ants crawl in between the cracks of the boards that make up the floor of this solid fortress. Birds sing to each other in a language unknown to humans. The thick wooden ladder groans as I clamber down it. When my feet hit the soft green grass I am filled with a satisfaction that words cannot express.

With all my writing please comment below to tell me how I did and what could be better!

Happy Writing,

Abigail June


7 thoughts on “My Tree Fort

  1. Your description takes me to this fortress. I wonder what pictures you would draw or find that would add even more beauty to your words. I see so many “found poem” possibilities too in this piece. Sometimes I re read works I have written and lift words and phrases to create a whole new piece of writing–a found poem from my own work. With all of your description you have a great opportunity here!!


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