Today I felt inspired by a movie I watch that is also a book series my L.M. Montgomery. It is called Emily of New Moon and even though I haven’t read the book series, (I have the whole series and I have been meaning to do that) the movie is AMAZING!!!!

So this story is called Memories. Thanks to my friend, Smiley Hannah, for giving me the awesome name of Analise.

A drafty wind blew through the attic, sending a chill through the air. Analise shivered and turned to the door. “No use staying here,” she thought. Analise had originally ventured into the forbidden attic to look for a sign of her mother who had died years ago, but had lived here as a child. Analise winced as the rusty, old doorknob squeeked in protest when she turned it. She stepped out into the dimly lit hallway and peered around the corner. She took a deep breathe and stepped out into the main corridor. Now certain that nobody had seen her, she skipped out onto the balcony that surrounded her fathers house. The white marble shone in the dimming sunlight. It was he house’s most famous treasure, but Analise loved it because its view stretched out across their whole property. The tall pines and the glistening lake. The tops of the trees swayed as if dancing to greet Analise. She sighed and closed her eyes to feel the gentle breeze from of the lake. She could just imagine her mother as a child on this very spot, playing with her China doll that Analise had inherited. Her father’s call broke her thoughts and she hurried down the stairs to eat her dinner.

Happy Reading or Writing,

Abigail June


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